Nerd Alert: I asked Russell Simmons for a Selfie

October 19th, 2014

Russell Simmons

{Russell Simmons and I (in a Market top and culottes and Anine Bing moto jacket)}

My job as a journalist affords me the luxury of meeting all kinds of celebrities — which is spectacular and endlessly entertaining. Christian Louboutin once complimented me on my shoes (which were Manolo Blahnik — embarrassing!), Pamela Anderson imparted some vegan knowledge on me when leading a vegan lifestyle was relatively unknown at the time, Carolina Herrera waxed poetic on the importance of a crisp, white shirt, Oscar de La Renta encouraged me to garden more often, and Donna Karan tells me I need travel to Bali and Haiti asap because both are life-changing destinations. Duly noted, Cool Kids.

Oddly enough, I only get nervous around the famous peeps I feel like I “know.” And by “know,” I’m talking about the celebrities I voraciously watch on TV and stalk follow on social media. After years of following certain stars, I’ve forged faux relationships with them like a complete sociopath. These celebrities include: Nacho Figueras (my lawd, the things I’d do to that Argentine fox!), Rihanna (she’s the very definition of a “good time” — wink, wink), Madonna (every child of the ’80s is obsessed) and a few more. Russell Simmons is on that select list, too, because he’s a business mogul, the godfather of Hip Hop, my fave personality on Run’s House and his self-authored inspirational quotes on Twitter and Instagram are beyond. Bible, he’s the hip-hop buddha

This being said, I was bloody nervous to interview Uncle Rush at the Van Cleef & Arpels event at Bal Harbour Shops last Friday night because we’re imaginary BFFs, obvi. He was hosting the French maison‘s Perlée Coulers launch event alongside Allison and Chip Brady which benefitted his charity, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Russell and I discussed his infatuation with yoga and meditation (he practices every day), his diet (vegan only), his go-to Miami restaurant (Soho Beach House) and how Miami is amongst his top three fave cities in the U.S. (NYC and LA are the others). 

He’s extremely present, gregarious and wise and we wrapped up our discussion with a — you guessed — selfie. And in typical Russell form, he imparted this knowledge on me: “Give… until they can’t live without you.”

You got that right.

Thanks, Allison Weiss Brady, for snapping this picture

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She’s So Basic

October 14th, 2014

Maria Tettamanti

{Theory top, AG jeans, Doloris Petunia necklace, Gucci sandals, Valentino rockstud tote, Evil eye bracelet from The Bazaar Project}

Mearia Tettamanti

valentino tote

doloris petunia


I dress according to my mood. And being a true psychotic Pisces, my emotions sway like palm fronds in the wind. Some days I wake up cranky, uninspired and wanting to reach for the Klonopin, which leaves me no recourse but to dress like a basic bitch — minus the Uggs and North Face fleece, of course. And what do I mean by “basic bitch?”  Well, it’s a pejorative term used to describe an individual who displays cliche, conformist or otherwise predictable character traits.

In regards to one’s sartorial choices, I’m referring to an ensemble that’s unequivocally vanilla and Plain Jane like the one in this very post. It’s not interesting, really. It lacks edge. It could use a little Rachel Zoe zing. But let’s face it, as a mom of two, it’s totally impossible to always have my fashion game face on 24/7. It’s completely unrealistic to dress to impress when I’m feeling tired, stressed and spread too thin. Mama needs to slap on her Juicy Couture tracksuit and James Perse cargos when she’s in a funk. Thus this safe bet above.

At the same time, playing it safe or basic can still look classic, feminine and on-point. I wore this getup at the recent Refinery29 event at Dadeland Mall and my handbag and evil eye bracelet made it into their “23 Lessons We Learned in Miami” slideshow much to my surprise. Which ultimately leads me to believe that this look may not be as Basic Bitch-ified as I previously believed!

Thank you, Kar Gar, for the pics



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October 10th, 2014

Miami Fashion blogger

{Romper by Nasty Gal, Clutch by Clare Vivier, Sunnies by Céline, Earrings by Mia Jewels, Clutch by Clare Vivier, Wedges by Tory Burch}

 miami fashion blogger

pearl earring

the vagabond hotel

Wow. This week has been a complete and utter shit storm. Like, literally. I’ve been battling the gnarliest stomach flu which landed me in the ER on Wednesday night. So I guess you could say I spent the entire week holed up in my bathroom — but hey! hey! hey! — I’m down 4 pounds. TMI? Deal with it. You know I keep it real here. Show me a person who doesn’t poop and I’ll show you a flat-out liar.

But you know, every cloud has its silver lining and that sliver of sunshine came in the form of winning the title as Miami’s Best Fashion Blogger by in this flattering contest created by oh-so-sweet Editor Ashley Brozic. I was up against some stiff competition — whom also happen to be my fave local bloggers — so I was pretty floored by the victory because the champ was chosen by popular vote.

To be 100% honest, though, what touched me the most in all of this was the genuine outpouring of support I received from my family, friends and readers like you. Without ever asking, so many of you shared the contest through social media, text and email. My sisters called me every five minutes (because they’re psychotic like me, obvi). My parents sought out a computer while vacationing in the south of France! My father-in-law phoned his friends in Mendoza, Argentina! My brother-in-law sent out an email blast! Elementary and high school classmates who I haven’t seen in years shared it on their Facebook walls. Heck, even our Japanese fighting fish, Fernando, voted. Okay, that’s fib.

All these kindhearted actions left me nonplussed.

So while it’s such an honor to be chosen as Miami’s Best Fashion Blogger, it’s a far greater esteem to have family, friends and fans as loving, caring and die-hard as the ones in my life. Mad gratitude to that.  

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Ah, The Simple Life

October 8th, 2014


Ram head

{Spotted at Market boutique: A ram’s head swathed in Flash Tattoos. Cray.}

air plant

{Jellyfish air plant situation scored from MiMo’s Farmer’s Market}

Blame my self-diagnosed OCD. Or blame my subscription to Real Simple magazine — but I’m totally feeling a minimalist feel in my home. With this said, I’ve collected all the tchotchkes, picture frames and junk which usually clutter my coffee tables and surrounding furnishings and stowed them away for now. Even my nightstand is void of anything with the exception of my lamp and alarm clock. 

And you know what? I love it.

I’m finding a profound sense of beauty in really clean, barren spaces. It’s funny because said stark surroundings make me feel neater, more composed, more Zen and, in effect, like I’ve got my shit together. So, yes, an office desk void of bric-à-brac makes me feel more at peace.

So if you, too, feel like you’re “drowning” in a sea of stuff, it’s time to purge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the profound sense of elation one can feel by the mere sight of an empty end table. Promise. 


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The Wordy Girl Gets the Last Word

October 5th, 2014

Target Style Challenge

{On me: Dress by All Saints, Boots by Vince Camuto, Fedora by Target}

Target style event

daniela ramirez and zana rossi

{Judge/Blogger Daniela Ramirez & Marie Claire Fashion Editor Zanna Rossi}

Maria Tettamanti

{Jittery, I danced to “Single Ladies” as I sauntered onto the stage LIKE A COMPLETE WEIRDO}

Target Style Challenge Miami

{Emcee Courtney KornegayGinger Harris, Angeles, Almuna, Nikki Novo, moi, Annie Vazquez}

Target Style challenge

Target style challenge

Target Style Challenge

Holy sh$t! I won the Target Style Challenge last week! As indicative in these pictures, I was SO SURPRISED by this crazy shocker. The lesson learned here, freaks? When life hands you Target clothes, make it werk! Well that and this: When laser focused on something (in this case, winning), I can do anything. And in the event I lost, I was prepared for the devastation compliments of my solid spray tan game. I’m so not kidding. 

Okay, so here’s what went down: Ginger, Annie and I were pitted against each other to style two models. My “muses” where gal pals and bloggirls Martha Dominguez and Nikki Novo. And honestly, I attribute them as the number one reason I won. Both were fundamental in getting my head in the right place, uplifting my spirits when they were in the dumps and assisting me in the challenge. Simply said, they were my lucky charms — Martha’s tight bum and ravishing cleavage were a draw, too. Tee hee. I know how to pick ‘em.

Judges Daniela Ramirez, Vashtie Kola and Rodner Figueroa (his critiques almost brought me to tears but WHATEVER, meanie weenie, I WON! So go fly a kite in Kendall! Or Zimbabwe.) analyzed each look while Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Rossi hosted and Emcee Courtney Kornegay chummed up the crowd. Eventually, my classic yet edgy “work-to-hot-date-night-look” on Martha won overall competition. 

I saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, too, so thanks to those who came. Some of you, I did not know, but your cheers and encouragement summoned the good juju I so needed when I was nervous. And it was truly comforting to be up against genuine friends, Ginger and Annie, because at the end of the day, we were all winners for being chosen for this huge event. The evening was a collective effort and when all was said and done — The Wordy Girl got the last word.


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