All in the Family & A Photo Session Giveaway!

June 29th, 2015

miami fashion blogger

{My clique as captured by the incomparable Courtney Studios}

yiani tettamanti

ava tettamanti

courtney studios

sebastian tettamanti

ava tettamanti

yiani tettamanti


maria tettamanti

As a family of four it’s basically impossible to capture all of us in one cohesive photograph where we’re all smiling and I’m not screaming at someone. My son is always the least cooperative when snapping pics so his expression in photographs is at best Oscar the Gouch-esque. My daughter, in return, will get annoyed with my son’s insolence and throw him shade. Then I’ll get frustrated with everyone and holler something wildly inappropriate along the lines of, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE MOMMY’S APPENDIX ERUPT!” My husband in return, will just sit back and enjoy the circus unfold like the intelligent, even-keel man he is. So wise like Yoda, that one.

Well, a miracle happened to us when Courtney Ortiz of Courtney Studios reached out to photograph us at her Hollywood, Florida-based studio. Aside from being uber talented with the camera (I mean, look at our session! It’s so Family Ties perfection!), her past career as a teacher brings out the best in her subjects — particularly with small, wild, unpredictable children such as mine. She’ll ask them silly questions, crack funny jokes and tickle them — making them laugh and wear Chesire Cat-sized smiles.

I’m over-the-moon with Courtney’s work and am thrilled to have beautiful (and happy!) updated family portraits to hang on our walls.

And the good news for you, loyal readers? Cool-as-a-cucumber Courtney would like to gift one lucky Wordy Girl reader a studio session (just like mine!) and a signed 8×10 framed print (a $400 value). All you have to do is:

Leave a comment below as to why you should win.

 *Winner will be chosen by email on July 14th 

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Treat Yo Self

June 24th, 2015

flamingo koozie

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday and a few of you freaks asked where you can score this fresh-to-death flamingo koozie (because it’s the illest shit around!) so the answer can be found here. Whomever said happiness can’t be bought for $8.25 (for a dozen, no less!) was crazy wrong. This image also happens to be my favorite photo from the summer thus far because it encompasses what my life has been all about as of late which entails:

1) When outdoors, I can be found in the pool/ocean because it’s hotter than the devil’s asscrack outside. My drink du jours are rosé or Modelo beer. A paradox, I know. But when swathed in the aforementioned flamingo floatie for dramatic effect, any beer looks chi chi chi fancy. I’m serious.

2) When indoors, you’ll spot me with the AC cranking at a frosty 69 degrees plopped in front of my computer (penning work assignments or procrastinating on a heavy rotation of Facebook/CNN/Twitter/TMZ/Shopbop/Net-A-Porter/Facebook/Etsy/Facebook (in that order more or less).

3) Entertaining my children with crafts (I suck major donkey balls at all-things DIY, FYI), card games (we’re having an Uno moment), cooking (I’ve mastered turkey balls) — all of which are energy consuming and lead to activity #4.

4) Copiously drinking. 

5) Complaining to my husband about the following grievances: To fix all the broken crap in our house, how my butt is NEVER going to look like a Victoria’s Secret model’s bum no matter how many squats I squat, and how my boobs are starting to droop like those mud-covered chicks in the National Geographic magazines. All these mindfucks invariably render me to activity #4, naturally.

6) Being happy (I realize I know sound psychotically bipolar seeing as #5 is “complaining”) because life’s been good to me. And during the summertime, the livin’ is easy.

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I Heard It Through The Grapevine

June 24th, 2015

Carole Silverman, Maria Tettamanti, Bertrand Thomas, Leslie Wolfson, Katie Nullman

{With my fellow hosts and the Founder of Caudalíe Bertrand Thomas}


{The brand’s new Aventura Mall boutique/spa}

Maria Tettamanti, Sheana Dagrin, & Ria MIchelle 1

{Ria and I doing what we do best…drinking fine wine and chatting}


You’ve got to love a beauty brand which uses organic grape water as its key ingredient, right? Right-o. Such is the case with Caudalíe which just opened shop in Aventura Mall. The new boutique and spa houses the brand’s full line of skin care and treatment room (offering face and body treatments along with waxing services).

I was kindly asked to host the shop’s grand opening where its Founder Bertrand Thomas sweetly explained to me that Caudalíe’s genesis began in Bordeaux, at the heart of the vineyards on his family estate. There, he and his wife, Mathilde, discovered that vines and grapes possess exceptional powers for the skin. And so the brand was born in 1995.

Honestly, I can’t stress how excited I get about meeting entrepreneurs. I get goosebumps! They inspire me. They ignite that little fire under my tush to push onward and upward. And there’s always one constant theme successful people impart upon me and it’s this sage nugget: Be passionate about what you do. Listen to your gut. And never give up.

To that I raise a glass of wine and say, “cheers.”

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That Hotel Life

June 22nd, 2015

the standard miami beach

The Standard Miami Beach

{The pool deck at The Standard Spa Miami Beach}

The standard Miami Beach lobby

{The lobby}

miami fashion blogger maria tettamanti

{Outside bungalow #2}

the standard hotel

the standard

{The Lido Bar & Grill‘s stellar views}


As the daughter of hoteliers, I’m hotel life obsessed. You see, my parents have owned and operated the finest hotel in Victorian Cape May, NJ — the La Mer Beachfront Inn for over 46 years. When my pops bought the place in 1969, it was a 37-room diamond in the rough (Read: a real fixer upper) but with lots of love, blood, sweat and chutzpah, we’ve managed to make it one of the Jersey Shore‘s most luxurious inns. Honestly, to witness its caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphosis has been one of my life’s greatest gifts because it proves hard works indeed pays off.

With this said, I’ve cleaned our hotel rooms (my Lord, you people can be messy while on vacation!). I’ve worked the front desk. I’ve plunged toilets. I’ve babysat guest’s children. I’ve re-stocked the soda and snack machines. I’ve even scooped doodoo out of the pool (um, GROSS). Growing up in a house behind the hotel afforded me an intimate perspective into the dynamics that go into a property. Suffice it to say that it’s a massive undertaking and only the fittest will survive because it’s a 24/7 business. Mom and dad would literally receive phone calls at all hours of the night and it could be downright exhausting for them.

So when I stay at hotels, I’m always fascinated by the little things: The vibe (people don’t get this — but it’s ALL ABOUT THE GOOD VIBE). The amount of trees on the property. The threadcount of the sheets (1,000-plus, please). The freebie bath goods. The quality of the food on the on-site restaurant. Duvet covers or icky/dated comforters? The pool scene. The lobby’s appearance. The fellow guests’ energies. Whether or not the employees are kind. 

In Miami, I’ve stayed and see them all in terms of hotels and I always recommend out of towners to stay at The Standard. The ambience is decidedly cool (Read: great vibes). The rooms are so cozy and stylish. The spa and its Turkish hamam are delightfully hedonistic (Meaning I once scampered around topless covered in mint-green mud). And the Lido Bar & Grill offers delicious bites with breathtaking views. I literally crave its fava bean salad (I know, totally random especially since I don’t even like beans but that’s life for you).

Anyhoo, I’m heading back to Cape May for the Fourth of July and will be sure to share my hometown with you. Until then, sit back and relax and soak up these relaxing pics of The Standard.

Photos by Emma Del Rey


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Nailing It

June 18th, 2015

house of holland dress

{House of Holland dress (on sale!), Chanel maxi jumbo bag, Manolo Blahnik Pacha pumps (old)}

miami fashion blogger

nail art

{Nail art by Vanity Projects}

miami fashion bloggers

{Jana, Ria, Simo and I having a Sex and the City moment}

miami fashion bloggers

Ehr. Ma. Gawd. Someone zip my ass up into a straight jacket à la Hannibal Lecter because I need to be contained within the confines of my home. Swearskies, every time I enter a boutique or  big name department store, all I see are red SALE! SALE! SALE! signs. And like Donald Trump to a toupée, I’m all over it because sales GIVE ME LIFE. As in, I’ll buy a hair growth product or baby diapers (both of which I clearly do not need) just because they’re 40 percent off. 

It’s a problem. I blame my frugal father.

But at least it’s healthier than crack. And meth. Or sniffing Crazy Glue with a brown paper bag over my head. Talk about a bad look.

Anyhoo, last week, I hosted an event with my fellow bloggirls at Vanity Projects where I scored the sickest nail swag in the game, yo (for chrissakes, I sound like Drake)! I chose an evil eye motif (because I’m psychotically psychotic for evil eyes like any good Greek girl) with a little pop of yellow gold. If you haven’t been to Vanity Projects, well, RUN! The nail artists there are ridiculously talented and meticulous.

(Insert fresh-to-death manicure emoji here)

Photos by Ria Michelle

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