I. Heart. You.

April 16th, 2014

Maria Tettamanti

{Dress c/o Everly, Wildfox sunnies, J. Crew hat}

It’s about that time I write a little ditty about how grateful I am for you freaks and how this blog has taken on some kooky, bizarre life of its own thanks to you. Yes, you. Because you like me! Or find me repugnant! Or are bored to tears at work! Or Instagram is down! Either way, big ups to you because a lot of wonderful shit has been happening (or should I thank that mysterious red moon?) to me.

Like, the other day, I was in Trader Joe’s (which, bible, equally excites me as much as the Saks shoe department) and a sweet woman tapped me on the shoulder with a, “Are you the Wordy Girl!?” I was nonplussed. And the fact she hailed from New York was further stupefying. She expressed to me how she’s a mom, too, and how my words, somehow, make her chuckle. I cherished making that connection. 

Often times, my husband will be at work events and introduce himself to a fellow broker or real estate agent and they’ll hit him back with a, “Tettamanti! Are you related to Maria? I read her blog!” This always renders him speechless because, you know, he’s at a REAL ESTATE event and who has time to read this blog when there’s oceanfront units to sell?! GOSH. (Say that last line like Napoleon Dynamite would for added zing).

Some of you readers send me really lovely emails expressing how my baby weight loss journey has inspired them, too, or how they enjoy my raw and real posts where I have my monthly meltdowns, or how they need something as simple as a travel tip or great hair colorist. One guy told me pointblank that he wanted to sit on my face, but hey, I’ll take it! But, no, you can’t sit on my face because that’s totally inappropriate — not to mention unhygienic. 

I guess where I’m getting at is this: I started this platform as small way to share things I genuinely love with what started out as a skimpy audience of 4 (my mom, my mother-in-law and my two older sisters, obvi). And now this audience reaches obscure areas in Russia and Asia. Crazy!

So thank you all for reading. From the bottom of my heart. Mad gratitude.

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Sheer Jean-ious. Come to this Saks Bal Harbour Denim Bar Event!

April 15th, 2014

Saks Denim Invitation

Bal Harbour Shops

For more info on Bal Harbour Shops’ happenings, go, here.

Video by Jonathan “Rico” Arroyo from Avant Garde Miami

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Island Hoppin’

April 14th, 2014


{Maaji coverup & bikini, J. Crew Panama hat, Céline sunnies, Swarovski Bella earrings, Phillips House nametags}

Virgin Gorda

{That boat & beer life}

YCCS marina

{YCCS Marina in Virgin Gorda}

YCCS Marina

Virgin Gorda

{That view!}


Deadman's Beach

{Peter Island’s Deadman’s Beach}

Let me take you back to the British Virgin Islands, loyal readers. I’ve already whisked you away to Jost Van Dyke and Necker Island, so I’ll brush up on the final stops on my most recent jaunt to the BVIs which happen to be Virgin Gorda‘s YCCS Marina and Peter Island. Both are so breathtaking, yet entirely unalike. I wore this Maaji coverup to both spots because I get OCD with clothes I adore. You know what I mean?

Anyhoo, YCCS Marina is chi chi chi squared! As in, it’s a state-of-the-art marina catering to super yachts (Read: multi-million dollar boats as big as walloping whales). The interiors (photos above) of the marina’s pool and restaurant beckon guests to Hamptons or Nantucket. I’m a glutton for Ralph Lauren-esque beach cottage furniture and accessories and YCCS clearly is, too, and I loved this trait. Hopefully, my pictures will give you some design inspo. 

Next up? Peter Island. This L-shaped island is home to Peter Island Resort and home to, hands down, the most paradisiacal beach we encountered during our entire voyage through the BVIs. Honestly, the beach here — named Deadman’s Beach — is the closest thing to utopia and it’s perfect for sunning, swimming or yacht watching. While not as “fancy” as YCCS Marina, I enjoyed this resort’s rustic charm — it offers the perfect blend of contemporary and Caribbean if you feel my flow.


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Heaven Scent

April 13th, 2014

BonBon Perfume

{Viktor&Rolf BonBon eau de parfum c/o Saks Bal Harbour Shops}

Mad love to Saks Bal Harbour for the newest scent in my perfume collection (which is now down 10 after a serious Spring Cleaning)…Viktor&Rolf’s BonBon. Exclusively sold at Saks stores (you go, Saks!), this delicious eau de parfum boasts notes including caramelized fruits, sun drenched flowers and sweet creamy woods. And most importantly, the husband has given it his stamp of approval. That’s huge, because he’s quite the persnickety bloke.

And talk to me about that sweet bow-shaped bottle. Swathed in my fave color — a purplish pink — the bow is an iconic symbol in fashion designers Viktor&Rolf’s rich heritage; one that embodies the essence of the brand’s haute couture spirit.

Want to know about a trick I do with scents I love? Spray perfume on a lightbulb and then when you turn it on, it heats up the perfume and your whole house smells like it. And that, my friends, is scent-sational.



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Pumped Up Kicks

April 11th, 2014

Valentino Sneakers

{Valentino sneakers}

Here’s a trend that won’t run out any time soon: Sneakers. Yes, what was once considered a mundane closet staple used strictly for getting fit is now shaping up to be 2014’s most sole-satisfying trend out of the gym. And the quirkier, the better. Think out-of-context materials such as pony hair, ostrich skin, spikes, python skin, acid denims and lace. Yes, lace.

Two Miami-based designers, Matthew Chevallard of Del Toro Shoes and Alessandra Gold of Alessandra Gold Concept Store and Kruzin footwear, have their feet firmly planted in the unorthodox sneaker sphere. Both designers utilize innovative textiles and applications for their creations — from exotic skins to rubber spikes.  “Sneakers are relevant now more than ever because casual style is accepted more than ever. There are less dress codes and status quos about how one should dress, therefore sneakers play a nice role of enabling the individual to be casual and comfortable all the while unique and stylish,” Chevallard says.

According to Gold, the sneaker evolution can be pinpointed back to 1985 — the year Nike introduced the multi-hued Air Jordan to the masses. At the time, basketball sneakers were primarily all white and Michael Jordan’s hightops literally shook matters up both on and off the courts. “Dunks have become everything from a fashion accessory to a status symbol. Jordans came out as a rebel sneaker and were banned from the NBA because of their color. Over the years, Jordan changed the whole sneaker game,” Gold says.

Highbrow brands are kicking up their game, too. Chanel, Valentino, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Tory Burch and more have added sneakers to their collections. “Prada really paved the way for sneakers in the high-fashion realm,” Chevallard says of the Milan-based brand. According to Gold, Parisian Designer Isabel Marant spawned a kick kerfuffle with her controversial introduction of the wedge sneaker two years ago.

Did I mention people are willing to pay jaw-dropping prices, too? A pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers designer by rapper Kanye West fetched a staggering $93,000 on eBay (meanwhile, said shoes retail for $245). That’s so not a typo. Call it hype or call it a hoax, the rapper’s collaborations with Nike sell out immediately and fetch major bucks on the popular auction site — anywhere from $2,000 to $12,300 for his “Red October” kicks.

Intrinsic comfort aside, sneakers are giving sky-high, backbreaking high heels a run for their sexy cred, too. “I think sneakers are more provocative because they convey a self-confidence in a woman not found in heels. It says you aren’t concerned about what you should be wearing and instead wear what you want,” Chevallard says.

And it’s not a fleeting trend. “There is a sneaker phenomenon happening in the world right now and it is definitely here to stay,” Gold says.

So consider yourself warned: Get a kickstart on the look today.

This article was authored by Maria Tettamanti and was published in Miami.com and The Miami Herald



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