Best In Bite: Zak The Baker

September 14th, 2014

Zak The Baker

Last week, I unearthed two gems in Wynwood AKA hipster central: Zak the Baker (pictured above) and Jet Set Pilates (not pictured here because I blacked out two times from sheer agony). After a grueling class a newly opened Jet Set (it’s basically Pilates on crack and the hardest workout I’ve encountered to date), I met a few gal pals at much-buzzed-about Zak the Baker.

And let me tell you — the dips and breads here are so good here, they make me wanna smack yo mama. The kosher resto offers healthy salads, soups, open-face sandwiches and a flurry of fresh pastries (it basically took every atom in my being to refrain from gorging on a lemon meringue pie). In an effort to eat clean, I housed the hummus and eggplant salad. The hummus was some next-level noms. Try it and thank me later.

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Altuzarra For Tar-jey. Yay or Nay?

September 13th, 2014

altuzarra for target

{Me in a lacy present from Altuzarra for Target}

So who’s waking up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, Sept. 14 to line up at their local Target store for the Altuzarra collab like a total mental case? I know I did just that when the Missoni collection hit shelves and can honesty admit I wear my zigzag cardigan on the regular.

A little background on Altuzarra: The brand’s Creative Director, Joseph Altuzarra, is rock star and was awarded the 2014 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year. I personally discovered him on my cyber crush/addiction/”problem”, Net-a-Porter. His jackets, in particular, are coveted by the fashion set and editors alike. Me? I’d swallow bleach or shards of sharp glass for just one of his draped crepe and jersey dresses. That’s dedication right there! TRY TO ONE-UP THAT.

So will you be hitting Tar-gey? For some instant inspo, you can explore the entire lookbook right here.

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All Right In White

September 10th, 2014

miami blogger

{Jumpsuit by Indah, Sandals by Birkenstock, Sunnies by Céline, Handbag by Balenciaga}

miami fashion blogger

miami fashion blogger

Wynwood mural

142: The number of times I’ve worn this Indah number over the span of one year. If you run a cost-per-wear analysis on this gem, I’m so winning! Anyhoo,  I skipped out on New York Fashion Week this year (the gross overabundance of consumerism year after year really bugs me out), but if there are any takeaways I’ve absorbed online it’s these tidbits:

1) White worn after Labor Day is totally cool  — as white on white on white  is the new black.

2) The normcore trend (Read: Channeling the Average Joe) shows no signs of slowing down as indicative in all the street style photos I’ve perused.

With these notions in mind, I headed out to Wynwood in my best minimalist look. Me? I’m kinda warming up to a simpler, cleaner and streamlined ensemble. Are you feeling it? 



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Hellooooooo, Beautiful

September 8th, 2014

cream south miami

Now that the summer has come to it’s inevitable end (welp!), I’m back on Obagi, getting regularly scheduled facial appointments, and generally investing more time into looking more human (Read: wearing actual makeup as opposed to nothing at all, donning real clothing other than Lululemon athletic wear and the like). I’m going to set the bar high this year and try to look semi-decent at morning drop-off because I’ve been guilty of wearing PJs and an unwashed face in the past. Judge all you want. Sheesh!

As for that beauty routine, the above photo captures it all (at age 37 and years as a beauty editor, I know what works for me) and all are available at South Miami’s top beauty spot, Cream (5731  SW 73rd Street, South Miami):

1. Fresh scented candle: I believe that pretty surroundings and scents, make for better inner balance, thus improved outer beauty. Part of my writing ritual every morning includes lighting a candle (plus, one of my ex- kooky housekeepers claims that “Angels like their glow.” Who knew?).

2. GlamGlow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment Masque: When my skin is dull à la Casper the Friendly Ghost, this mask does the trick! It smells amaze and leaves skin glowing — the lingering tingling sensation is divine, too.

3. Obagi skincare system: Almost every woman I know is on this 6-step regimen (six steps, I know, tragic!) and there’s a reason: It works when it comes to whitening the skin, smoothing skin’s texture and erasing fine lines. It costs a small fortune but it’s totally worth it.

4. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: Skedaddle, zits! When I feel like the Proactive Poster Child/a gnarly whitehead coming on, I pat some of this pink goodness on and — poof! — it’s a goner. 

5. Sara Happ The Lip Slip: Throw out that ChapStick. Same goes for the Carmex. They’re both totally ew.  The Lip Slip is everything. 

6. NARS lipgloss in Belize: For the perfect glossy pink pout, this lipgloss is so money. People always compliment me on it, so now you know and knowing is half the battle!

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Insert Catchy Headline Here

September 2nd, 2014

peter pan collar dress

{Collared shirt dress by Nasty Gal, Chanel wallet on a chain, Céline sunnies, Rings by Lola James Jewelry, Pumps by Jimmy Choo}

miami fashion blogger


collared shirt dress

Listen to me. The only “laboring” which took place over this past Labor Day weekend was going on in my small intestine (or whatever other organ is responsible for breaking down grub) because this chick literally ate herself into a food coma. We stayed in town and hit all of my family’s favorite Miami haunts such as Cheen Huaye, Shokudo and Thai House Sushi. And after last night’s chicken curry from Thai House, my face was so ridiculously bloated in the morning — I almost decapitated myself with the Schick razor I was weilding at the time. But then, I realized the bloat kinda filled in my crow’s feet wrinkles and I embraced it. LIKE A TOTAL MANIAC.

In a concerted effort to off-set any extra poundage annexations over said gluttonous weekend, I ran every morning but here’s the one thing I’ve learned from my daily jogs: I’m terrifically terrified of parked mini vans. As in, whenever I spot a creepy, run-down, rinky-dink van, I can’t help but sprint like Jackie Joyner-Kersee and internally scream, “I know you’re in there Buffalo Bill. And I will NOT put the lotion in the basket!”

And then I’ll picture myself in some dimly lit, gloomy dungeon listening to bad rock music and I’ll get all pissed at myself because the point of running is to be happy, carefree and Zen and here I am… worrying I’ll find myself living a horrid scene from The Silence of the Lambs. LIKE A COMPLETE WEIRDO.

Totally not weird is this cute collared dress — paired with a red bag and fierce sunnies, it says, “THIS CHICK HAS IT TOGETHER.”

But we all know that’s just a lie.



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