I Feel Bad About My Skin. Dr. Brandt to The Rescue?

September 19th, 2014

doctor brandt

{Dr. Brandt Laser Fx collection}

I had the pleasure of meeting Doctor Brandt 15 years ago. At the time, he was revered for being Madonna‘s go-to dermatologist and as “The Botox King.” At the time, little was known about Botox but once he told me the injectable improves the look of crow’s feet lines and frown lines between the eyes, I was like SIGN THIS CHICK UP. So yes, I’ve been a Botox user since age 30. It’s a miracle in a syringe. 

Fast forward to today and Dr. Brandt boasts a complete line of facial products and I was kindly sent the entire Fx collection — targeted serums to fight sagging skin, dark spots and wrinkles — and I’m stoked to try it out because Lord knows my days soaking in the sun’s rays without SPF up until age 30 was the poorest of life choices. It’s right up there with waxing my eyebrows à la Pamela Anderson during her Baywatch days to be honest.

So far, my fave product is the Laser Fx Bright Serum ($78) — it’s brightening my skin. Yep, dark spots and dullness, be gone! I’ll be sure to update you all on my progress.

 Thanks to Dr. Brandt for sponsoring today’s discussion

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Walk this Way

September 16th, 2014

snake print romper

{Jumpsuit c/o Blush Boutique, moto jacket by GAP, Clutch by Clare Vivier, Sunnies by Céline}

blush boutique


snake skin jumpsuit

Please hold while I gloat: There’s been a shift and I’m now unequivocally infatuated with working out. As in, I’ve been hitting the Pilates reformer, Barry’s Bootcamp and pavement for jogs 6 (six!) days a week. The tragic news in this newfound neurosis? I’m 101% certain my workout fetish will fizzle and die in a week or so like all my other oddball obsessions which include and are not limited to:

A) Beanie Babies: This itch lasted roughly one week in college where I accumulated 435 fluffy creatures with cutesy names which collect dust until this very day. 

B) Salt & Pepper shakers: This particular obsession lasted a lengthy two years yet died a quick death when I realized things were getting out of control. As in, my parents were gifting me salt shakers for Christmas instead of the usual IT handbag. DIE.

C) Dream Catchers: Ehr-ma-gawd. I went through this granola/hippie/tree-hugger phase post-graduation and swore these Native American hoop-shaped thingamajigs would give me good juju and sweet dreams — and hopefully, an engagement ring (emerald cut with baguette side stones, please) from my then boyfriend. So obviously, I bought 14 of these boldly colored bad boys in the Everglades. I still have them squirreled away in my closet because I’m now convinced that eradicating them from my home will only elicit night tremors. And perhaps other shady shit.

The moral of the story? I’m capricious. While I hope and pray this current workout mania lingers for a while — my rich history of quickie love affairs proves otherwise. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this cardio-loving crush.




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Best In Bite: Zak The Baker

September 14th, 2014

Zak The Baker

Last week, I unearthed two gems in Wynwood AKA hipster central: Zak the Baker (pictured above) and Jet Set Pilates (not pictured here because I blacked out two times from sheer agony). After a grueling class a newly opened Jet Set (it’s basically Pilates on crack and the hardest workout I’ve encountered to date), I met a few gal pals at much-buzzed-about Zak the Baker.

And let me tell you — the dips and breads here are so good here, they make me wanna smack yo mama. The kosher resto offers healthy salads, soups, open-face sandwiches and a flurry of fresh pastries (it basically took every atom in my being to refrain from gorging on a lemon meringue pie). In an effort to eat clean, I housed the hummus and eggplant salad. The hummus was some next-level noms. Try it and thank me later.

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Altuzarra For Tar-jey. Yay or Nay?

September 13th, 2014

altuzarra for target

{Me in a lacy present from Altuzarra for Target}

So who’s waking up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, Sept. 14 to line up at their local Target store for the Altuzarra collab like a total mental case? I know I did just that when the Missoni collection hit shelves and can honesty admit I wear my zigzag cardigan on the regular.

A little background on Altuzarra: The brand’s Creative Director, Joseph Altuzarra, is rock star and was awarded the 2014 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year. I personally discovered him on my cyber crush/addiction/”problem”, Net-a-Porter. His jackets, in particular, are coveted by the fashion set and editors alike. Me? I’d swallow bleach or shards of sharp glass for just one of his draped crepe and jersey dresses. That’s dedication right there! TRY TO ONE-UP THAT.

So will you be hitting Tar-gey? For some instant inspo, you can explore the entire lookbook right here.

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All Right In White

September 10th, 2014

miami blogger

{Jumpsuit by Indah, Sandals by Birkenstock, Sunnies by Céline, Handbag by Balenciaga}

miami fashion blogger

miami fashion blogger

Wynwood mural

142: The number of times I’ve worn this Indah number over the span of one year. If you run a cost-per-wear analysis on this gem, I’m so winning! Anyhoo,  I skipped out on New York Fashion Week this year (the gross overabundance of consumerism year after year really bugs me out), but if there are any takeaways I’ve absorbed online it’s these tidbits:

1) White worn after Labor Day is totally cool  — as white on white on white  is the new black.

2) The normcore trend (Read: Channeling the Average Joe) shows no signs of slowing down as indicative in all the street style photos I’ve perused.

With these notions in mind, I headed out to Wynwood in my best minimalist look. Me? I’m kinda warming up to a simpler, cleaner and streamlined ensemble. Are you feeling it? 



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