I’m the Crazy BFF

Hi freaks! I’m writing you from the Jersey Shore. I snapped these pictures with Kar Gar (my photographer) right before I left. I darkened my hair a bit and it feels like such a drastic difference. Erica Quince at Danny Jaleca was the colorist. Whenever I look at myself in a mirror, I’m all like, “Who’s that girl?” Ya feel? Of course you do!

My besties bought me that BFF clutch above for my 40th birthday, and if there’s one thing they’ll tell you it’s this: I’m the crazy BFF. But I supposed that’s a good thing. Besides, it takes crazy to love crazy. Le duh.

So I’m here visiting my parents in Cape May for two weeks and the kids are not signed up for camp because I’m clearly a masochist so pray for me! Kidding. Today’s agenda included an impromptu fashion show at TJ Maxx, pool time and arcade games. Tomorrow, I’m taking Ava and my niece Arabella for manicures. They desire French manicures, which I find trés bizzarre because I feel like that beauty trend is so 1995. Anyhoo, I plan on squeezing a jaunt to New York for three nights with my little brother (#SiblingMoon) to see some comedy shows, which I’m pumped about. 

We saw the movie Rough Night last night and while there were funny moments, my expectations were higher. Don’t you just hate that? But I suppose the Twizzlers and movie theatre popcorn smothered in butter made it worth the time. #PopcornJustGetsMe

Photos by Karla Garcia



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  1. June 22, 2017 / 11:03 am

    I love your green eyes with darker hair. These pics are so chic, as usual. Xoxo

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