Dear Paula Mendoza, I Love You

April 8th, 2014

Paula Mendoza Jewelry

{Paula Mendoza Glacucus Gold-Plated Coil Necklace, MAC Rebel lipstick}

Once in a blue moon, an accessory comes along that you just can’t seem to get out of your mind. You see it everywhere: on your Instagram, on Rihanna, on Facebook. It pops up in every glossy you read. It haunts you like a ghost.

I began my love affair with Paula Mendoza like any other infatuation. It was a flirtation at first. An, “Oh, well that’s interesting.” But like the jewelry itself, the pieces crawled on me, metaphorically speaking.

I ran into a friend at lunch one day that was wearing the Nereus Bracelet and accosted it like a complete sociopath and screamed (yes! screamed!). There’s simply something to be said about seeing things you pine for in the flesh in blood. It makes the delusion REAL.

I was now in full-blown panic mode. As in, after lunch, I raced home, fired up my laptop and ordered the necklace from Moda Operandi.

With the Glacucus Coil Necklace now secured around my neck, there’s only one, well, two problems: I still agonize over procuring the matching serpentine-like Nereus bracelet and Adrianne ring.

And so the obsession ensues.




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6 Comments on Dear Paula Mendoza, I Love You


I’ve been pining for Paula Mendoza too! Just need to see it in person to “make the delusion real” lol But this photo is everything!

POSTED BY Jana Rose Carrero  |  April 8, 2014

No no no so jelly! I freaking love her stuff! And this is one of my top favorite pieces.

It is so damn sexy!



POSTED BY Chic Streets and Eats  |  April 8, 2014


POSTED BY Vivian  |  April 8, 2014

Love that lipstick.

POSTED BY Cristina  |  April 8, 2014

I’m so so mad at you over this necklace. >_> Now I need this in my life and it is a complete splurge. T_T

POSTED BY Ria  |  April 9, 2014

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